About Us

The Icon Hair and Wigs specializing in not only wigs but the customization of the wig units and extensions. It is Atlanta's premier go to location for wigs that are used on television shows, theater productions and movies.

In addition to production wigs this location is also known for providing a wonderful service for patients going through chemo as well as hair loss. This locations primary focus is wigs, extensions and products. It is located in the hip East Atlanta Village. There is prime parking, lots of eateries, bars and shopping.

More about the Wigs

1. Hairpieces with natural hairlines
2. Realistic density at the hairline and throughout
3. Premium quality 100% human hair going in the same direction
4. Superior customer service
5. Expert help from beginning to end
6. Innovation with new products coming out each quarterly 
7. Trendy styles that are both current and timeless

Each wig is carefully constructed to create a natural hairline that is truly undetectable.


Established in 2016.

Icon hair and wigs was the brain child of a group of stylists who were over whelmed with clients from the TV/Movies and highly seen professionals that wanted an easy simple fix that not only allow them to look great but also was fast and easy, while being virtually undetectable.

IH&W (Icon Hair and Wigs) is a highly sought after wig maker that works for several theater productions, movies and television shows in Atlanta, Chicago, NYC and California.


Processing normally take 2-3 weeks.  Processing occurs Monday-Saturday. If you ordered on Saturday your order will be processed on the next business day,which is Monday.

Icon uses USPS as the main shipping method. Shipping could take __to __ business days, depending on _____. Tracking information is included with every order that is placed. Please use the “Contact Us” section if you have not received your tracking information or your package. 

Returns and exchanges are permitted within __ business days, as long as the unit has not been altered (bleached, cut, dyed, etc). You can email us through the “Contact Us” section or come into our shop to discuss any returns or exchanges. Shoppers who return or exchange through mail are responsible for their own shipping fees.